Attachments for Personalized Lanyards

There are numerous uses for personalized lanyards, and each use requires its own type of attachment. That’s why Signature Lanyards offers an extensive selection of attachments for all the ID lanyards we produce. You can choose from 3 categories of attachments to ensure you get exactly what you need.


The most popular attachments for ID lanyards are included in our Standard Attachment group. J-hooks, Lobster Claws and Bulldog Clips all offer swivel points that allow you to adjust your lanyard as needed. Split Key Ring and Cell Phone Loop attachments give you the flexibility of attaching more to your lanyard than your ID. These are all economical options that will work well with most personalized lanyards.

Bulldog Clip

FREE Bulldog Clip

Cell Phone Loop

FREE Cell Phone Loop

Lobster Claw

FREE Lobster Claw

J Hook


Split Key Ring

FREE Split Key Ring


If you’re looking for something with more strength that will endure continued use, consider one of these Upgraded Attachments. Carabiner Hooks, Oval Hooks and Thumb Hooks provide swivel action. There is also a Non-Swivel Hook for cases where personalized lanyards need to always face forward. Bead Ring/Crimp lanyard attachments are also available. Each Upgraded Attachment costs slightly more, but provides a stronger metal designed to stand up to continued use.

Thumb Hook

$ .30 Each Thumb Hook

Carabiner Hook

$ .25 Each Carabiner Hook

Oval Hook

$ .30 Each Oval Hook


For personalized lanyards that require swiping or that require handling by others, convenient Buckle Release, Plastic Breakaway, Velcro Breakaway and Badge Reel attachments are available for just a few cents extra. These make it simple to detach or extend the reach of the badge on personalized lanyards. Transparent, plastic badge holders are also available.


$ .25 Each Buckle


$ .11 Each Velcro


Free Breakaway

Retractor Clip

$ .75 Each Retractor Clip

We look forward to working with you on your specialty lanyard order!

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