Biodegradable Lanyards

With the exception of badge holders for the office and classrooms, lanyards tend to be items with a short shelf life. While they might not be single-use items, once the convention or conference is over, or once the school year draws to a close, most lanyards are disposed of. Instead of creating a product that might sit in a landfill for years, why not take a more earth-friendly route and choose a

biodegradable lanyard?


Biodegradable Lanyard

Branding With Eco Friendly Practices

Most custom lanyards are made out of polyester or nylon. What’s one thing these materials have in common? They aren’t biodegradable. As sustainability becomes more of a focus in our world, the importance for an environmentally friendly lanyard has become equally important. Luckily, we have the perfect option. Our biodegradable lanyards are 100% green, and made from durable materials. Now, you can choose a lanyard option that won’t break the bank, and won’t sit in a landfill for the next 200 years.


Creating Eco Friendly Lanyards Without Sacrificing Quality

Polyester lanyards are our most popular. We also offer nylon lanyards, but those are typically purchased by customers with a specific need for them. As a material, polyester is sturdy, useful and creates some exceptionally impressive lanyard designs. However, it can also take polyester up to 200 years to decompose.

While that’s great news for someone looking for lanyards that can last a lifetime, it’s not great for someone looking for lanyards for a one-time event. Eco lanyards are intended for exactly those customers. When you want a custom lanyard you don’t have to worry about someone throwing away after it’s served its purpose, our biodegradable lanyards are the perfect option. To make matters even better, you can get these lanyards without sacrificing the high quality of your design.

Our biodegradable lanyards are made from a number of different green materials. Some of our most popular options include biodegradable plastics such as biodegradable polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene terephthalate (recycled PET). However, we also offer lanyards created from plant fibers such as bamboo.


Eco friendly bamboo lanyards are primarily created from cellulose fiber from bamboo plants. A common misconception about these and other biodegradable products is that they aren’t as sturdy or resilient as products made from synthetic materials. In fact, eco lanyards are every bit as durable as their synthetic counterparts. The biodegradable materials that go into making them are just broken down in the soil faster after they’ve been discarded or buried than the others.

Designing Perfect Environmentally Friendly Lanyards

If you think that choosing eco lanyards means you’ll have to sacrifice your design ideas, think again. Our environmentally friendly lanyards are created in the same manner as our other lanyard types, just with different materials. That means if you want bamboo lanyards with a woven artwork design, we’ve got you covered. Or if your design is too complicated for the typical imprinting process, you can also have a sublimation lanyard that happens to be eco friendly.

Your intended use for your lanyards is the only concern when choosing between attachment options. If your branded lanyards are needed by employees who regularly use their ID card to check and in out of different areas, the retractor clip upgrade might be your best option.

However, we also offer split key ring, lobster claw, bulldog clip and J hook attachments, as well as many others, so you can always pick the best attachment for the job. Just know that whatever attachment you choose will be available to you no matter what kind of lanyard you purchase.


Eco friendly lanyards come in more standard colors than the other lanyard types we offer. This means you have more options immediately available to you when going through the design process. If you don’t see the color you’re looking for, we can still dye your lanyard to meet your specifications. However, because of the nature of the materials used to make earth friendly lanyards, it can be hard to get dyed colors to be exact.

Partnering With the Best for Your Eco Lanyards

Taking care of the planet is everyone’s responsibility. Whether you’re ordering lanyards for around the office or for a single-use event, creating something that won’t exist for hundreds of years is in everyone’s best interest.

Please note that for biodegradable lanyard orders, the minimum order quantity is 1,000 instead of 100 like all other lanyard types. This is because the materials used to create these lanyards is actually more expensive at smaller quantities.


Don’t let the increased quantity scare you off, however. When stored properly, bamboo lanyards and lanyards made from recycled plastic can last for a long time without losing their vibrancy. Even if you don’t need 1,000 for this school year, keep them for future students as well.

Give us a call or fill out an online quote request form today to get started on your own set of earth friendly lanyards. Our artists will have your first free proof of artwork ready to go in under 48 hours. From there, suggest as many edits to the design as you need until you’re completely sure the lanyard you’re seeing is the one you want. Our turnaround time is an industry-leading 14 - 18 days, and you’ll benefit from free shipping within the U.S. Contact us today to get the lanyard you need while also helping the planet.

What’s Included?

One Standard Attachment, One Color Imprint & FREE UPS Air Shipping.
For any quantity over 5000 please email or call us for a price and production time estimate.


Bio-Degradeable Lanyard Pricing

Size 1,000 3,000 5,000
0.625" $1.41 $1.23 $1.18
0.75" $1.43 $1.24 $1.19
1" $1.44 $1.25 $1.20

Stock Lanyards Colors

We offer a wide range of in-stock colors for your selection. We also offer custom-dyed colors, please email us for more information.


Standard Lanyard Attachments

The most popular attachments for ID lanyards are included in our Standard Attachment group. J-hooks, Lobster Claws and Bulldog Clips all offer swivel points that allow you to adjust your lanyard as needed. Split Key Ring and Cell Phone Loop attachments give you the flexibility of attaching more to your lanyard than your ID. These are all economical options that will work well with most personalized lanyards.

Bulldog Clip

FREE Bulldog Clip

Cell Phone Loop

FREE Cell Phone Loop

Lobster Claw

FREE Lobster Claw

J Hook


Split Key Ring

FREE Split Key Ring
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Badge Holder Options

We offer a wide range of badge holders for your lanyards project. Please click here to view more.

Round Hole 1

Size 3.74 in W x 2.4 in H Round Hole 1 $0.20 Each

Slot Hole 1

Size: 4.25 in W x 1.73 in H Slot Hole 1 $0.20 Each

Round Slot 1

Size 3.35 in W x 1.61 in H Round Slot 1 $0.20 Each
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