School Lanyards

Whether it’s a custom high school lanyard with an ID badge holder attached to the end or a custom college lanyard with an intricate mascot design,

school lanyards are a symbol of team spirit and camaraderie.

They’re used in uniforms, offered to students and faculty as custom school gear, and even used to raise awareness for campus initiatives. No matter the case, school spirit lanyards are donned with pride as a symbol of unity.


School Lanyard

Wearing Your School Colors With Pride

You don’t have to look far to find a few custom school lanyards around campus. Some are hung around the necks of teachers while others are dangling from the pockets of students on their way to class. They’re attached to everything from ID badges and keyrings to water bottles and backpacks, and the artwork evokes a sense of school spirit by including things like team colors and school mascots.

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We have ordered personalized lapel pins, challenge coins, patches, and lanyards from Signature. Every order has been beautifully crafted, well-packaged, and delivered on-time. Staff has helped to create designs that we like and are attractive. Everything is handled professionally and efficiently. We keep coming back for more!


Date of experience: August 30, 2021

I've been using them for almost 7 years…


I've been using them for almost 7 years now. Fast and accurate ordering. A simple email and within minutes I have my proof and quote to preview and approve. Click and order, simple process.

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Why Order Personalized Lanyards for School?

The uses for custom school lanyards is only limited by your imagination. Custom high school lanyards are sometimes created for specific clubs or sports teams or just as school gear for the student body. Student organizations will sometimes use their own custom college lanyards to raise awareness on important issues around campus as well.

More than anything else, custom school lanyards help spread school spirit. Whether students use them to carry around ID cards or sell them to raise money, designs that incorporate mascots, logos and school colors carry a sense of camaraderie and team identity.

Picking the Right Type of School Lanyard for the Job

There are certain types of school lanyards that will work better than others depending on how you plan on using them around campus. For example, school spirit lanyards offered at a campus store benefit from the full color and complete coverage of custom photo lanyard designs.

The vibrant detail of these designs makes photo lanyards the best choice for mascot designs and artwork with complex patterns. While custom imprinted artwork is perfectly suitable for bold text designs, a dye sublimated photo lanyard can capture the finer details of a flying pegasus, a prowling tiger or any other type of mascot or emblem.


Students, faculty and alumni purchase custom college lanyards with photo print designs to show their school pride. The clarity of the artwork makes it easy to recognize school colors and emblems even from a distance. If you’re looking for something special to wear on game day, or just want a cool lanyard design to wear around campus, a photo lanyard is the best option for you.

When it comes to creating school lanyards and badges for faculty and staff, imprinted polyester lanyards are often the go-to choice. They’re the most popular type of lanyard that we sell because of their affordability and crisp artwork. While a photo design is perfect for capturing lifelike detail, imprinted artwork is better suited for designs featuring bold text and logos.


This makes polyester a common choice for lanyards intended for official use, like uniform lanyards or ID lanyards. While they can’t capture the same level of detail as a photo design, imprinted polyester lanyards still offer plenty of room for creating unique school sprit lanyard designs with bright text and logos.

Custom high school lanyards and college lanyards made from biodegradable materials are another popular choice. Our eco-friendly lanyards are made from recycled plastic and bamboo cellulose fibers, so if you ever lose one outside, it will break down naturally within a few years.

If you’re looking for a custom product that will fall in line with a school’s green initiatives, then these biodegradable lanyards are the best way to go. They have imprinted artwork similar to our polyester lanyards, and are perfect for raising awareness on important causes while celebrating a sense of school spirit at the same time. And because they’re biodegradable, there’s no need to worry about replacing them year after year.


Getting Started On Your School Spirit Lanyards

Creating your own set of custom lanyards with our team is quick and easy. All it takes are a couple of ideas and we can set to work on your first free proof of artwork. To get started, just fill out a free quote form on our website. The quote form is the best place to let us know what type of school lanyard you need, what size lanyard will work best for your design, and what attachment option you need.

If you’re in the market for school ID lanyards, a bulldog clip is one of the best options available because they allow ID badges to lay flat against your chest. We also have a number of badge holders available to choose from when finalizing your order, making a set of school ID lanyards ready to go right out of the box.

If a school spirit lanyard with a colorful photo print design is more your style, a keyring or lobster claw attachment will give the lanyards more versatility. Students can use them to cary anything from keys and ID cards to cell phones and water bottles as they walk around campus.

Once the quote form is submitted, we’ll have your first free proof of artwork ready within 48 hours. All artwork and revisions are free, so be sure to let us know how we can improve the design before we finalize your order.

School Lanyards and Badges for Every Occasion

Whether you’re in the market for a set of custom high school lanyards to rally some school spirit or custom college lanyards for official use around campus, we’ve got you covered. Our Signature Lanyards team has been in the business of creating high-quality custom lanyard designs since the year 2000. Our goal is to bring your vision to life and provide the best customer service available online.

Every order of custom school lanyards is backed by our 100% quality guarantee and comes with free overnight shipping within the U.S. If you have an idea for your own custom design, give us a call today, and see what makes us the best custom lanyard maker in the industry.

Nylon Lanyard Pricing

Size 100 250 500 1,000 2,000 3,000 5,000
0.375" $3.03 $2.02 $1.18 $0.89 $0.84 $0.82 $0.70
0.5" $3.05 $2.04 $1.20 $0.90 $0.85 $0.83 $0.71
0.625" $2.00 $2.05 $1.22 $0.91 $0.86 $0.84 $0.72
0.75" $3.09 $2.06 $1.24 $0.93 $0.87 $0.86 $0.73
1" $3.11 $2.09 $1.28 $1.03 $0.95 $0.92 $0.79

Woven Lanyard Pricing

Size 100 250 500 1,000 2,000 3,000 5,000
0.375" $2.56 $1.88 $1.28 $1.07 $0.94 $0.89 $0.84
0.625" $2.58 $1.89 $1.30 $1.09 $0.96 $0.91 $0.86
0.75" $2.60 $1.90 $1.32 $1.11 $0.98 $0.93 $0.88
1" $2.85 $2.09 $1.33 $1.13 $1.00 $0.94 $0.90

Polyester Lanyard Pricing

Size 100 250 500 1,000 2,000 3,000 5,000
0.375" $1.87 $1.39 $1.06 $0.86 $0.78 $0.75 $0.66
0.625" $1.90 $1.40 $1.07 $0.88 $0.79 $0.76 $0.67
0.75" $1.93 $1.41 $1.08 $0.89 $0.80 $0.77 $0.71
1" $1.96 $1.45 $1.12 $0.92 $0.84 $0.81 $0.73

Stock Lanyards Colors

We offer a wide range of in-stock colors for your selection. We also offer custom-dyed colors, please email us for more information.


Standard Lanyard Attachments

The most popular attachments for ID lanyards are included in our Standard Attachment group. J-hooks, Lobster Claws and Bulldog Clips all offer swivel points that allow you to adjust your lanyard as needed. Split Key Ring and Cell Phone Loop attachments give you the flexibility of attaching more to your lanyard than your ID. These are all economical options that will work well with most personalized lanyards.

Bulldog Clip

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Cell Phone Loop

FREE Cell Phone Loop

Lobster Claw

FREE Lobster Claw

J Hook


Split Key Ring

FREE Split Key Ring
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Badge Holder Options

We offer a wide range of badge holders for your lanyards project. Please click here to view more.

Round Hole 1

Size 3.74 in W x 2.4 in H Round Hole 1 $0.20 Each

Slot Hole 1

Size: 4.25 in W x 1.73 in H Slot Hole 1 $0.20 Each

Round Slot 1

Size 3.35 in W x 1.61 in H Round Slot 1 $0.20 Each
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