Polyester Lanyards

Imprinted polyester lanyards are the most common type of lanyard that we sell.

Their cost-effectiveness, soft texture and high quality have made them a favorite among customers coming from all over. Whether you need a custom company lanyard for your next trade show, a new set of school lanyards to inspire school spirit or any other type of design, we’ve got you covered.


Polyester Lanyard

The Go-To Choice for Custom Lanyards

Personalized polyester lanyards are all over the place. Some people use them to carry ID badges around a conference while others choose to clip a water bottle to one end before heading out for a day at the park. Imprinted text and colors are completely customizable. Whether you need a bold company emblem design, a colorful school mascot or any other type of artwork, we’ve got you covered.

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Knowing Where to Start On Your Custom Lanyards

If you’re new to designing and ordering custom lanyards, knowing what type of lanyard is right for you can seem confusing. We have multiple fabrics to choose from, and there are multiple ways artwork can be applied to a fabric. It can also be hard to differentiate between an imprinted design and a woven design, or between polyester and nylon lanyards through pictures alone.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Signature Lanyards has been in the business of crafting unique lanyard designs since the year 2000, and in that time, we’ve learned the ins and outs of the industry. If you’re feeling a little unsure about what will work best for you, imprinted polyester lanyards are a great place to start.


Custom polyester lanyards are the most common type of lanyards that you’ll see out in the world, and they’re also the most popular type of lanyard we sell. Compared to a nylon lanyard with the same design, polyester lanyards feel softer, making them slightly more comfortable to wear around the neck. Polyester is also slightly less expensive than a custom nylon lanyard, making it an excellent option for customers looking for a high-quality design at the best price.

Nylon vs Polyester Lanyards

The difference between custom polyester lanyards and nylon lanyards is often a source of confusion. Both nylon and polyester lanyards are used to create unique, high-quality designs, but there are a few subtle differences in texture and aesthetic that drive customers to purchase one over the other.

Nylon is slightly thicker than polyester, and the material itself has a unique shimmer. This glossy shine helps the artwork on nylon lanyards pop a little more than they would on polyester. The thicker material is also a little stiffer than polyester, making it ideal for screen printing intricate text and emblems. However, this added thickness and stiffness makes nylon a little less comfortable to wear for an extended period.

Imprinted nylon lanyards are by no means uncomfortable, but the softer texture of polyester lanyards makes them more comfortable for daily wear. Besides being softer and slightly thinner than nylon, polyester is also the material used to create woven lanyards. An imprinted polyester lanyard has artwork printed onto the surface of the material with a silk screen stencil. Woven polyester lanyards have artwork sewn into the polyester material, creating a unique look and feel.

Imprinted Polyester

When it comes to nylon vs polyester lanyards with imprinted artwork, choosing between them is mostly a matter of personal preference. If you’re looking for a woven lanyard design, the decision is easy, since we only make woven lanyards from polyester material. No matter which option you think works best for your design, you can rest easy knowing you’ll receive a high-quality product with one of a kind artwork.

Get Started on Your Personalized Polyester Lanyards Today!

Polyester is a versatile material when it comes to making custom lanyards. We use it to make our budget-friendly tube lanyards, woven polyester lanyards, and our flat polyester lanyards with imprinted artwork.

Our imprinted polyester lanyards are the most popular choice among all the custom lanyard designs we offer because of their classic look and feel, affordability and potential for unique artwork. Give us a call today to get started on your own design. We include free overnight shipping and a 100% quality guarantee on every order.