Attach Your Take Out Menus to Custom Lanyards as a Way to Boost Sales

Posted by Signature Lanyards | January 30, 2015 at 12:36am | Topic: Badge Holder Attachment

Busy people love take out. When there isn’t time to dine in a restaurant, men and women turn to the take out menu to eat their favorite foods. As a restaurant owner, you’re likely to offer a takeout menu to customers. How often do you replace lost menus and how much does it cost your business?

What if we had a cost-effective solution that defrayed costly printing costs? Would you be game to listen to our ideas? As a leading custom lanyard company we offer solutions to our customers’ needs. Your business is important to us. Let’s come up with a fun and inventive solution together.

Standard and Upgrade Attachment Options

Here’s an idea for you to think about. Why not create miniature versions of your take out menu and attach them to the lanyards you give away? We offer a number of attachment options for you to choose from. For example, you can select a Lobster Claw, J-Hook or Split Key Ring for free. They are among the standard attachments we offer with every paid order.

For an additional cost per lanyard, upgrade to a Thumb Hook, Carabiner Hook, Oval Hook or No-Swivel Hook. Each offers sturdiness and functionality to the lanyards you order. One last option that works well for some restaurants is the badge holder. Place a folded up mini menu in the plastic pocket attached to each lanyard for safekeeping.

Your Idea + Our Lanyards = An Outstanding Gift for Your Customers

Come up with your own inventive way to use custom lanyards. The durable gift items are as versatile as they are unique. Brainstorm some ideas and then contact Signature Lanyards through our website, by phone or email to request a no obligation, free price quote. In order to serve you best, we’ll need to know the quantity of lanyards needed, the style you prefer, and the purpose of your order.

Getting to know you allows us to create a memorable promotional item that you can give away at your place of business. People wear lanyards around their necks which serves as a premiere place to promote your company and its offerings to the public. Your customers serve as ambassadors for your business each time they choose to wear your lanyard out.

Contact Us for More Information and Get the Design Process Started

Reach out to us in whatever way feels comfortable to you. Our online submission form makes requesting free price quotes fast and easy. Emailing allows you to send a photo of your logo or choice of emblem. Working on the artwork needed to complete your design is a breeze when we have your photographs in hand.

Last, but not least, you can call 1-800-270-9019 toll-free and speak to a representative about your order. We’re generous with the knowledge we have. Let’s think of a few exceptional ideas together. Submit an inquiry today and get the ball rolling.

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