Office Organization Tips That Prepare You for National Clean Up Your Computer Month

Posted by Signature Lanyards | January 29, 2015 at 12:36am | Topic: Custom Lanyard

If you have one resolution this year, make it your mission to get your office in order. Start with your desk. It’s National Clean Up Your Computer Month. What a great place to organize! A few simple changes can boost morale, increase productively, and give you a sense of peace. Forget about the frustration of a messy office. You won’t have to deal with that anymore!

Here are some tips that will help you better organize your office space:

  • Declutter your desktop. Shred papers that you no longer need. Empty trays, drawers, and wastebaskets. Wipe everything down so it’s clean and ready to use once again.

  • Establish work zones. Designate areas of the office for different tasks. Have a main workspace, a reference area, and a supply area.

  • Keep USB flash drives within reach by attaching them to custom lanyards. Instead of saving files to the hard drive of your computer, save it to a thumb drive to keep your computer in optimal working order. Encourage your employees or co-workers to do the same.

  • Label office supplies so they are returned to the right employee. Staplers, hole punches, and office manuals get passed around. Make sure they get returned to you. Label them and no one will have a doubt as to whom the items belong to.

  • Create a folder system for all important documents. Make it easy to get access to the information you need. Come up with a system that works for you. Make document names simple and date them if needed.

  • Delete duplicate documents. Scan files and delete what you no longer need. Free up space in your USB drive for new documents.

  • Sort mail. Create separate piles based on what needs to be done. If mail needs to be read, put it in the “to read” pile. Shred advertisements. Hand off bills to the accounting department so they can be taken care of immediately.

  • Use baskets, bins, and containers to keep clutter minimal. There are a number of places where storage items are available for purchase. Buy a few and be creative when placing them. You’d be surprised how much space is available in the smallest of offices with baskets, bins, and containers.

A little organization goes a long way in improving efficiency, eliminating frustration, and keeping on top of workplace affairs successfully. If you haven’t thought about cleaning up your computer and office space yet, now is the time to do so. The new year brings with it new opportunities to do things better than you did in the past.

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