Create Custom Lanyards for Your Healthcare Facility Workers

Posted by Signature Lanyards | November 14, 2014 at 3:24pm | Topic: Custom Lanyard

There is a big demand for identification in healthcare facilities these days. With so many people coming in and out of hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and retirement communities, it’s important to know who works for whom and who is just visiting. To get rid of the confusion, many healthcare companies require employees, vendors, and volunteers to present identification at all times to access the building.

Lanyards are Suitable for Day-to-Day Wear

Identification cards can be hard to carry and to remember to wear on a day-to-day basis. That’s where custom lanyards come into play. Sturdy and attractive, they can carry everything a healthcare facility worker, vendor or volunteer needs without getting in the way. There are a number of different attachment options to choose from. Each adds a different function to the lanyards.

Standard Attachment Options

Here are the different standard options you have to choose from:

  • Lobster Claws

  • Bulldog Clips

  • J-Hooks

  • Split Key Rings

Each is free with the purchase of custom lanyards.

Upgrade Attachment Options

Our upgrade attachment options include:

  • Thumb Hooks

  • Carabiner Hooks

  • Oval Hooks

  • No Swivel Hooks

Ranging in price from $0.25 to $0.30 each, upgrade attachments offer strength.

Additional Attachment Options

Additional attachment options include:

  • Safety Breakaway

  • Velcro Breakaway

  • Buckle

  • Retractors

Some facilities choose safety and Velcro breakaways particularly if they’re in direct contact with patients. You never know when someone will grab onto and pull on a lanyard. This precautionary measure reduces the number of workplace injuries that occur each year. Best of all, safety breakaways add $0.10 to each lanyard and Velcro breakaways add $0.11 to each lanyard.

Make Identification Easy with Our Custom Products

Create custom lanyards for your healthcare facility workers. Make the identification process as easy as possible this year. Contact us with your request for polyester, woven, tube, nylon, eco-friendly or specialty lanyards. We can make your business run even more smoothly this year.

Request a free price quote. We’ll send it to your email along with a digital file containing the custom artwork that our talented team of designers created for you. Review the order and approve or request a revision. We’re here to accommodate you.

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