Promote Your Foreign Language Classes with Custom Lanyards

Posted by Signature Lanyards | October 30, 2014 at 6:24pm | Topic: Custom Lanyard

Do you teach foreign language classes and want to get the word out about your next public offering? If you do, we know exactly how you can do it. Hand out custom lanyards to the people that you meet.

Make sure that you have your contact information listed on the lanyards. A phone number or email address will do the trick. People will have a hard time forgetting you and what you have to offer them when they’re wearing your lanyard gift around their necks.

Foreign language studies help students learn more about the world as a whole. It gives them a way of communicating with people in other countries and from other cultures. It narrows the divide between individuals by closing the communication gap. Knowing a foreign language makes it easier and more comfortable to travel as well.

The lanyards that we create for you are made from quality materials. They’re crafted with care so that people can wear them for a really long time. We offer a rainbow of colors to choose from. We also add to the functionability of lanyards by offering you a range of attachment options. Each was designed to make life easier for the person wearing the lanyard.

Add a word or phrase in the language you teach as a way of making your gifts relevant. People can have their very first lesson upon meeting you. They’ll see the greeting or sentiment on the lanyards and remember what language you teach. This is a great way to further your marketing efforts.

Promote your foreign language classes with custom lanyards. Contact Signature Lanyards with your questions. We’re here to ease your concerns and to explain the ordering process in detail to you. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for through our website, please contact us. We pride ourselves on being the type of company you order from time and time again.

Email today. Call 1-800-270-9019 toll-free. We’re excited that you want to share your talents with other. Let’s put our heads together and come up with a custom lanyard design that reflects you and the classes you teach.

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