Five Ways Custom Lanyards are Being Used at Festivals This Year

Posted by Signature Lanyards | October 23, 2014 at 6:07pm | Topic: Custom Lanyard

Festivals are exciting for the people that plan them, volunteer at them, and attend them. With that being said, how do you create a buzz about a scheduled event? Traditional forms of advertising have worked in the past, but now you’re counting on boosting attendance numbers even more this year. How do you do it?

We have an idea for you! Create custom lanyards to hand out and sell in anticipation of the event. We offer polyester, nylon, tube, woven, eco-friendly, and specialty styles for you to choose from. Just as soon as we hear from you, we get started on creating the artwork that will go onto your lanyards. This ensures that your festival gets the recognition it deserves from the public.

Custom lanyards are among the most versatile items available for promotions. Durable and long lasting, they’re the type of item people find attractive and useful. That’s a win-win in our book!

Here are five ways that custom lanyards are being used at festival this year:

  • To identify volunteers and staff members.

  • To gain admittance to events.

  • To identify members of the press.

  • To identify contestants in cook-offs and other challenges.

  • For fingerprinting and identification cards for children.

You likely have an idea or two of your own. Share them with us and you may be the subject of our next blog! We love hearing about how versatile our products really are. Send your story to

Make custom lanyards part of your festival this year. Contact Signature Lanyards for more information about the ordering process. We provide a no obligation, free price quote, free artwork and design services, and free shipping on all US orders. In addition to our complimentary services, we also possess the knowledge, skills, and creativity to get the job done right. You are our number one priority and it shows in every design we create for you.

Contact us now to get the design process started. The number to reach us at is 1-800-270-9019 toll-free. You can also email your information to us at The sooner we hear your ideas, the sooner we can create the artwork needed to complete your order. Submit your inquiry to us right away.

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