Create Custom Lanyards for Your Rock Concert Fans

Posted by Signature Lanyards | August 8, 2014 at 6:04am | Topic: Custom Lanyard

Rock concerts are the perfect atmosphere for unwinding. People love music. They love seeing their favorite bands and musicians play live. Why not add even more excitement to the experience by creating your very own custom souvenir to hand out. Not only will it function as a useful tool by identifying ticket holders, staff, and VIP guests, it also gives people something to take home with them to remind them of the event they just attended.

Different Lanyard Styles to Meet Your Needs

Functional and memorable, our products are great for promotional purposes. They have higher perceived value than other souvenirs. Made from quality materials and crafted with care, our products meet the highest standards so that people can use and enjoy them for years.

Custom lanyards can be created in the following styles:

  • Polyester

  • Woven

  • Tube

  • Nylon

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Specialty

We offer a number of different colors and attachments to meet your needs as well. You can learn more about each style of lanyards by visiting our online gallery. This is a great way to visualize what your own lanyard will look like with your choice of text and image on them.

Select the Attachment Option You Like Best

There are a number of different attachment options for you to choose from as well. If you don’t want badge holders for your lanyards, select something else. All lanyards come with standard attachments like lobster claws, bulldog clips, j-hooks, and split key rings which are free. Upgrade and additional attachment options cost extra. Let us know what you’re interested in when you request a free price quote.

Send a Request to Us Today and Get the Design Process Started

Create custom lanyards for your rock concert fans. This will allow you to see who has VIP status and who does not. Choose alternate colors for the lanyards for standard admission tickets and VIP tickets. Include a badge holder attachment for members of the press to put their IDs in.

Email your ideas to us at You can also reach us by phone. The number to call is 1-800-270-9019 toll-free. We want you to be comfortable with the design process. If you have any questions as you’re placing your order, let us know. We’ll be happy to help walk you through the steps required.

We need your approval to process your order. Let us know how we can make you a satisfied customer. Contact us to right away with your ideas. Together, we can create custom lanyards that exceed fan expectations.

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